Company Overview

Company name Hayashi Trout Farm,Inc.
Address 66 Ushirohara Odakura Nishigoh Nishishirakawa-gun Fukushima 961-8061 JAPAN
Phone +81-248-25-2041
FAX +81-248-25-3232
Founding May 10, 1935
Establishment February 3, 1968
Capital 10 million yen
Business Processing and sales as well as freshwater fish farming
Manufacture of machinery and equipment related to fish farming, selling and house
Processing and sales of fish feed
Import duties that are related to each of the preceding
Fishing facilities, management of other leisure facilities, development, consulting
Management of the restaurant
President Soichiro HAYASHI
Bank Daito Bank, Joyo Bank, Fukushima Bank, Shirakawa-shinyokinko
Number of employees 40 people
Aquaculture facility Main farm - 66 Ushirohara Odakura Nishigoh Nishishirakawa-gun Fukushima
Manago minute farm - 8 Shimodaira Habuto Nishigoh Nishishirakawa-gun Fukushima
Kuromori minute farm - 488 Babazaka Odakura Nishigoh Nishishirakawa-gun Fukushima
Abukuma minute farm - 36-3 Oihara Tsuriu Nishigoh Nishishirakawa-gun Fukushima
Zao first minute farm - 1-102 Kitaharao Zao-cho Miyagi
Zao second minute farm - 1-91 Kitaharao Zao-cho Miyagi
Atsumi minute farm - 41-1 Shinden Ikawazu-cho Tahara-shi Aichi
Fishing facilities Nasu-Shirakawa Forest-Springs ( Phone+81-248-25-3535 FAX+81-248-25-3546 )
Urabandai Forest-Springs ( Phone+81-241-32-2521 FAX+81-241-32-2522 )
Zao Forest-Springs ( Phone+81-244-34-1551 FAX+81-244-34-1551 )
Kaiseimizube Forest-Springs ( Phone+81-465-82-8181 FAX+81-465-82-818 )
Masutsuri fishing Park ( Phone+81-248-25-2041 FAX+81-248-25-3232 )
History 1935 main farm opened
1963 Masutsuri fishing park opened
1970 Managoh minute farm opened
1986 Kuromori minute farm opened
1991 Abukuma minute farm opened
1996 Nasu-Shirakawa Forest-Springs opened
1998 Urabandai Forest-Springs opened
2004 Nasu High-land park Forest-Springs opened
2006 Zao Forest-Springs opened
2006 Zao first minute farm opened
2006 Kaiseimizube Forest-Springs opened
2012 Zao second minute farm opened
2016 Atsumi minute farm opened
Associated company Tottori Hyashiyogyojo Inc.
Nihon Yogyo Gijutsu Inc.
Hayashiyogyo Inc.
Agency etc. U.S. Trout Lodge's distributor in Japan
CAN Octaform's distributor in Japan
CAN Target Marine's distributor in Japan
U.S. CFM Consolidated's distributor in Japan
FRA Faivre's distributor in Japan
NOR Nofitech's Japan office
Japanese college students of Bioresource Sciences practice offices alliance